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How Your Car Stickers Can Land You in Trouble

Car stickers can play a role in identity theft: Internet Scambusters #897 Car stickers seem innocent enough, don’t they? But they may not be, if they give others information about you or your kids. We’ll tell you why in this week’s issue, along with news of a resurgence in another car painting scam. Let’s get […]

Find Out if You’re a Tax Identity Theft Victim

How to avoid or respond to tax identity theft: Internet Scambusters #896 The IRS and the US Federal Trade Commission have declared war on tax identity theft scammers. But it’s an ongoing battle and you could still fall victim to this crime. In this week’s issue, we explain how to protect your tax identity and […]

7 Steps to Avoid the Subscription Trap

What to do when you can’t cancel a subscription: Internet Scambusters #895 If you haven’t fallen victim to an online subscription scam, you’re either lucky or you know how to steer clear of the crooks behind them. In this week’s issue, we’ll tell you how a member of the Scambusters team was caught out and […]

“Critical” Windows Update Message is a Fake

Windows update message installs ransomware on victims’ PCs: Internet Scambusters #894 Microsoft never sends out email notifications of a Windows update so, if you get one, you can be sure it’s a fake. So is a certain type of text notification of an upcoming package delivery. We’ll explain both of these scams in this week’s […]

‘It’s a Scam’ Dispute Over Cremation Memorial Diamonds

Experts challenge claims that memorial diamonds can be made from remains: Internet Scambusters #893 The ability to create gems in a laboratory has led to a surge in companies offering to use cremated ashes to create memorial diamonds. The firms are adamant it can be and is being done, but jewelry experts say it can’t, […]

Formjacking: The ID Thief’s Latest Weapon

What is formjacking and how can you prevent it?: Internet Scambusters #892 Formjacking — the hijacking of online forms with malicious code — is the latest scam technique for stealing people’s personal information. The incidence of this newer crime is more than doubling every year and it’s not easy to spot, as we explain in […]

How to Spot and Stop Bank Fraud

One simple step will help you avoid bank fraud: Internet Scambusters #891 Bank fraud costs the financial industry billions of dollars every year, but it also impacts consumers’ wallets as well as their credit record. In simple terms, bank fraud involves crooks stealing your money either by finding out your account details or by tricking […]

ID Protection: How to Hide Yourself on the Internet

How to lower your Internet visibility for better ID protection: Internet Scambusters #890 Can you delete yourself from the Internet and increase your online privacy to strengthen your ID protection? Yes. But it can be a long-winded process — or you can pay someone else to do it. But you can start by following our […]

On Guard! Top Scams Point to Need to Monitor Your Card Accounts

Dating cheats and money wiring top scams list for 2019: Internet Scambusters #889 Fake dating and romance tricks, as well as money wiring and gift card fraud, are among the top scams of 2019. It looks like more of the same in the coming year — but there’s an important change, as we report in […]

Are Home Smart Locks Safe?

Why smart locks are no safer than traditional key entry systems: Internet Scambusters #888 They’re high-tech gizmos that look like they’re more than up to the job of protecting our homes, but are smart locks, or keyless entry systems, really safe? Sometimes, they can be hacked, but even without that, crooks have other ways to […]