How a Great Deal Lures You Into a Survey Scam

Anatomy of a survey scam — plus a yard-sign text warning: Internet Scambusters #932 We have two new and very sneaky scams this week about completing product surveys and receiving text messages about signs you might have planted in your front yard. With the help of Internet security firm Sophos, we’ll walk you through the […]

7 Top Anti-Scam Tips for Cyber Security Month

Cyber security campaign urges everyone to “do your part” for online safety: Internet Scambusters #931 October is annual Cyber Security Month, a timely event as Americans fall victim to billions of dollars of online fraud every year — with worse to come. Campaign organizers, who include the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, want […]

Call Spoofing: It’s Down to You to Spot and Stop

How call spoofing works and how to identify it: Internet Scambusters #930 We’ve written many times about call spoofing of phone numbers — but is there a way to stop these fake number calls? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is trying its best; plans to introduce new rules and technology are on the way but […]

Home Working Network Attacks Lead 2020 Scam Surge

How to cope with latest scam surge: Internet Scambusters #929 If we didn’t already know that 2020 has turned into one of the craziest-ever years, crooks driving a new scam surge have delivered the proof. Ninety percent of all health alert websites are fake, more than half a million web conferencing accounts have been compromised, […]

Blessing Loom Scam Could Land You in Jail

Blessing loom program is an illegal pyramid scheme: Internet Scambusters #928 A “Blessing Loom” may sound like a highly beneficial program or even a sacred object. But it’s nothing of the sort. It’s a pyramid scheme and a scam that could draw you into an illegal involvement, which could, in turn, land you in jail. […]

Scam Phone Calls: Hang Up, Look Up, and Call Back

How to recognize a scam phone call and what to do next: Internet Scambusters #927 Millions of scam phone calls are made every day — enough to ensure that every so often they hit home and find a victim. But it needn’t be that way — if you can recognize a potential scam call and […]

From Apple to Rolex: On the Fake Watch Trail

Key actions to spot and avoid a fake watch scam: Internet Scambusters #926 Crooked watchmakers, who are so good at what they do, are making it tougher than ever to spot a fake watch. At least that’s what’s happening at the luxury end of the timepiece market, but imposters are also faking Apple watches and […]

Beat the Predatory Lending Crooks

Don’t get lost in the predatory lending money maze: Internet Scambusters #925 Predatory lending is a wicked way of exploiting peoples’ financial difficulties. And they come from all manner of sources, taking on different guises according to the opportunities that scammers spot. In this week’s issue, we’ll outline the different types of lending scams and […]

Is Your Privacy at Risk With Telehealth Consults?

How to safeguard your privacy during online telehealth doctor visits: Internet Scambusters #924 Telehealth — online medical consultations — have become a vital element of health care and treatment during the COVID pandemic. But they’re not the same as face to face consultations, and now questions are being raised about security and confidentiality. Using a […]

Don’t Let Coin Shortage Scammers Shortchange You

Snippets issue reports on pandemic coin shortage, Roku activation, solar and roofing scams: Internet Scambusters #923 A coin shortage driven by changed shopping habits and a slowdown at the US Mint is being used by some stores as an excuse to shortchange customers. We’ll explain how and why, and what you can do about it, […]