Got Malware? Here’s How To Check And What To Do

How to avoid malware danger sites and what to do if you’re infected: Internet Scambusters #944 Can you avoid malware? Or are you already infected? And, if so, what can you do to remove it? In this week’s second part of our malware special, we’ll answer those questions and point you in the direction of […]

Malware: How it Sneaks In and What it Does to Your PC or Mobile

Here’s what happens when you get malware on your computer, cell phone or tablet: Internet Scambusters #943 Malware is the number one cause of security problems on home computers, cell phones, and tablets. But the way it affects your device depends on its role and how it got there. In the first of our two-part […]

Three Rules for Dodging Fake Storage Cards and Memory Sticks

How fraudsters get away with selling phony storage cards and thumb drives: Internet Scambusters #942 Fake memory storage cards and USB drives are still being sold on reputable websites, despite efforts to clamp down on the fraudsters. But by following three simple rules, you’re unlikely to be scammed by these tricksters, as we explain in […]

Email Scammers Get Clever With Outlook Phishing Trick

Why email scams are getting harder to spot: Internet Scambusters #941 With more than two million new email scams appearing every minute, there’s a growing danger of being caught out via a phishing trick if one lands in your inbox. Case in point — a smart con trick aimed at users of Microsoft’s online Outlook […]

How to Protect Your Kids Online with Parental Controls

5 key ways to put parental controls in place on computers, smartphones, tablets, and games consoles: Internet Scambusters #940 Parental controls — restrictions you can implement on your child’s computer and other devices — are more essential than ever. But what’s the best way to learn about and use the controls? We have the answers […]

Costly and Dangerous: Ignore This Fake Mercury “Cure”

Snippets issue exposes mercury hoax, password scandals plus more phishing and extortion tricks: Internet Scambusters #939 A mysterious form of the liquid metal mercury is being touted as a disease cure. But experts say neither the mercury nor the cure exist. But, as we explain in this week’s Snippets issue, that doesn’t stop scammers asking […]

Wine Tricksters Look For Seasonal Boost

You don’t have to pay a fortune to fall for a wine trick: Internet Scambusters #938 You don’t have to invest in an expensive vintage to fall victim to a wine trick. Limited labeling requirements enable sellers to conceal where the wine came from and what’s inside of it. There are other ways that everyday […]

5G Phone Confusion Opens Scam Floodgates

Three (3) new 5G phone scams you need to know about and sidestep: Internet Scambusters #937 5G phone technology is on its way. And so are the scammers. They’re using misinformation and confusion about this latest cellular communications tech to bamboozle people into paying for protection devices that don’t work or handing over money for […]

Deep Fake Video & Ransomware Blackmail Threat

AI expert explains how deep fake videos can be used to extort money: Internet Scambusters #936 A horrifying combination of deep fake videos and ransomware is looming on the scam horizon. Videos are now easily faked, showing victims in what seems to be a compromising situation — and then ransomware is used to demand a […]

Don’t Fall for These Car Buying & Selling Scams

Why online car buying and selling scams are surging: Internet Scambusters #935 Online car buying is on the rise — and so are scams associated with them. This year looks like being a record one for complaints. In this week’s issue, we focus on how crooks set up fake escrow companies to fool their victims […]