Identity Theft Information Center

Since identity theft has been #1 on our Top 10 List of the Worst Internet Scams for the past several years, we created this Identity Theft Info Center to help you prevent identity theft, and to help people who are identity theft victims learn the best practices for recovering from identity theft. Chilling Identity Theft […]

Identity Theft in Nebraska

Help for identity theft victims in Nebraska

Identity Theft in Maryland

Useful and unique facts and resources about identity theft in Maryland

Identity Theft Resources and Information by State

Useful state-level identity theft facts, laws and websites

Identity Theft in Virginia

Resolving identity theft problems in Virginia

Identity Theft in Rhode Island

What’s different about identity theft in Rhode Island

Identity Theft in Oklahoma

Important information about identity theft in Oklahoma

New Jersey Fights Back Against Identity Theft

Helpful information about identity theft in New Jersey

North Carolina Keeps Ahead of the Curve With Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft information and resources in North Carolina

The College Student’s Guide to Identity Theft

What every college student should know about identity theft