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Small Firms Lose Thousands to Business Website Fraudsters

How to spot a business website design scam: Internet Scambusters #883 Business websites are an important way of promoting a venture and selling products, especially for small and newly founded businesses. Scammers know this and pose as website designers to steal their cash. Or they target the designers themselves with fake orders and advance fee […]

How Chat Rooms, Fake Customer Reps, and Phony Surveys Steal Your Info

Snippets issue exposes continuing chat room scams: Internet Scambusters #882 Although online chat rooms are not as popular as they used to be, they’re still a big hit with scammers. And in other new tricks, they’re hiding behind top online trading names like Amazon and American Airlines to trick victims into giving their sign-on details. […]

$12.5 Billion Annual Price Tag for Dentist Scams

Red flags that say your dentist may be ripping you off: Internet Scambusters #881 A visit to the dentist is never fun, but it could be worse. How do you know if you or your insurance company are overpaying for dental procedures or, indeed, whether the work is necessary at all? We’ll give you some […]

Why Some “Dolphin Safe” Tuna Isn’t Safe for Dolphins!

5 actions to check if your canned tuna really is “dolphin safe” : Internet Scambusters #880 Nearly every can of tuna you can buy in the US contains a label saying that it’s dolphin safe. In other words, fishing techniques used are not harmful to our favorite sea mammal. But some producers may be hiding […]

Millions of Fake Listings Found on Google Maps

Why defeating and removing scammers is an ongoing problem for Google Maps: Internet Scambusters #879 Google Maps (and other mapping software) have changed our lives for the better and made shopping easier and, often, cheaper. But not always. The Internet search giant recently confirmed that it has removed 11 million fake listings from its mapping […]

Cryptocurrency Users and Investors Face New Wave of Scams

Cryptocurrency scams now cost $1 billion a year: Internet Scambusters #878 Cryptocurrency — virtual cash you can use but never see — is increasingly common both as a payment method and investment vehicle. But it’s also fraught with a growing number of scam risks costing more than a billion dollars a year, as we report […]

Two-Factor Security Check Is Not Enough — This is What You Need

Simple phishing trick could help crooks crack two-factor authentication: Internet Scambusters #877 Two-factor authentication — the technique of requiring a second security check on your password — may no longer be enough to protect you. A simple phishing trick may be all it takes to con you into giving away this precious sign-on information, as […]

Facebook Gold or Facebook Platinum? No Such Things!

New info on Facebook scams, danger texts, robocalls and podcasts: Internet Scambusters #876 Some scams just won’t die because they’re too easy to use to dupe victims. Facebook Gold is one such trick. It’s been around for years but has popped up again, asking potential victims to cough up $10 for this coveted membership, which […]

Gone Fishing? Not With These Scams!

Fishing and hunting enthusiasts are being targeted by scammers with fake license offers and fraudulent online equipment sales. In this week’s issue, we’ll tell you about the latest scams and what you can do to sidestep them. We also have a list of the five things that should alert you to a romance scam. Let’s […]

How Garden Scammers Reap Their Harvest

Watch out for these fake flower photos and other gardening tricksters: Internet Scambusters #874 Gardening fanatics are always on the lookout for something new or exotic. So, scammers oblige by fooling them with doctored photos and fake product claims. In other cases, phony tree surgeons and landscapers travel door-to-door to trick victims, as we report […]