Scamlines 42: New Scams Uncovered as ID Theft Toll Soars to 10m

Real estate and identity theft cons snare more victims, state falls for $2.5m trick

Scamlines 41: Firms, Employees Hooked in Phishing and Key-Capture Tricks

The many ways we fall for cons, thefts — and even unbelievable hoaxes

Scamlines 40: Another Fortune Lost in Nigerian 419er

Canadian family pay out $150k, while others’ small losses build up to huge hauls

Scamlines 39: Social Networking Under Siege

Four sites targeted in 2009 attacks, plus new economy-linked scams

Scamlines 38: Police Scam Turns Tables on Crooks

61 arrested in Chicago sting, plus more recession-driven tricks and a new lottery scam

Scamlines 37: Big Investors Lose $50 Billion in Largest Ponzi Scheme Ever

Record Ponzi scheme detailed, new ID theft attacks and fake game console warning

Scamlines 36: Students Conned in Inauguration Scam

Teens pay thousands for DC trip, new Nigerian and overpayment scams

Scamlines 35: ‘Lost Relative’ Nigerian Scam Rip-Off Costs Victim a Record $400,000

Nigerian scams, tax con and bogus car warranties prove old tricks still work best

Scamlines 34: $2 Billion Lost in Get-Rich-Quick Fraud

Mideast investment scam exposed, spyware warnings and the cash prize that winners refused

Scamlines 33: Identity Theft Site Shut Down, 60 Arrested

Good news and bad news in the never-ending battle against scammers