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Curious whether or not it’s a scam? Find out at the Internet ScamBusters Scam Check Station…

Scam Resources: Use these “preventive” resources to protect yourself from being taken in by the latest scams (if it’s too late, these same resources will help you get justice). If you want to know if a company is a scam then check these resources.

Minimizing Credit Card Fraud: Find out how others are avoiding this much more prevalent – and much less publicized – aspect of credit card fraud.

Urban Legends: If someone sends you an urgent “pass this on” email – don’t – it just might not be true. Check it out first on our Legends page before forwarding it on.

Real Viruses: Most of the emails on deadly viruses and worms aren’t true – but there are a few that are real.Watch out for these!

How to Deal with Lies About Your Company (and You) on the Internet: Are your enemies saying nasty things about your company? Are misconceptions and downright falsehoods being posted online without your knowledge? If so, you could be losing a lot of business… find out how to take care of it.

Stop Spam: Reduce the amount of junk email (spam and bulk email) you get.

Watch Out For These Scams:

(Names and email addresses may change but the scams remain the same. We’ve included some tips below as well.)

Recent Scams

7 Tips for Avoiding Counterfeit Items Online – We’re often asked how to avoid buying counterfeit items on the Net. Here are 7 tips to avoid getting taken.

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How to Deal with Lies About Your Company (and You) on the Internet

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Urban Legends

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Don’t Respond To Emails, Phone Calls, Or Pages Which Tell You To Call An “809” Phone Number

The “If You Don’t Get On The Internet Right Now, You’ll Soon Be Out Of Business” Line

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