Bulk Email Scam

Internet ScamBusters Worst Scam of the Month Winners: Bulk Email Scams

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Bulk Email Scam 1

“This is probably a classic but they got me so here goes… I send $5.00 to 4 different addresses and they send me information on how to get on this list and send bulk e-mail info so I can make a bunch of money. The e-mailer who I was recommended to took my $60.00 and promised to send 50,000 e-mails to people anxiously awaiting to send me 5 dollars each. Of course they never sent anything and dropped out of site. Yes, there is one born every minute and I am an all day sucker!”

Kim A.

Bulk Email Scam 2

“My wife alerted me to this scam, she received it on her Yahoo E-mail account (which happens to be in our dog’s name) I forward it to my account. I don’t trust anyone that asks for this much info especially about my bank account. I am forwarding the message to you just as we received it. Please advise others.”



After one deliberation with my colleagues I decided to forward you this business proposal. However, the current favorable political /economic climate in the country since the beginning of this new millennium 2000 fiscal year now present an opportunity for this money to be transfer out of the country without being noticed. We want a reliable person who could assist us to transfer the sum of fourty-eight million and six hundred thousand united state dollars only (US$48, 600,000.00) into his account

The fund resulted from an over invoiced bill from contract awarded by us under the budget allocation to my ministry and the bill was approved for payment by the concerned ministries.the contract was duly executed, commissioned and the contractors was paid his actual cost of the contract. We are left with the balance of US$48,600,000.00 as the over-invoiced amount which we have deliberately over estimated for our own use. But under our protocol division civil servant are forbidden to operate or own a foreign account. This is why I contact you for assistance. We have agreed to share the money as follows:

1. 30% for your account owner
2. 60% for us
3. 10%for tax as may be required by your government

The letter goes on to ask for your bank name, account information, etc.

Chris V.

Editor’s Note: This is just another variation of the infamous Nigerian Scam which we have covered extensively in the past. And it’s still out there!

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