Fleeceware: The Big App Rip-Off – Plus 5 New Coronavirus Scams

Are you paying a small fortune for cheap and easy fleeceware? : Internet Scambusters #912 Fleeceware is the new term for rip-off smartphone apps that cost victims hundreds of dollars. Often, they’re tricked into paying large sums for services they could get elsewhere for free, as we explain in this week’s issue. We also have […]

Millions Fall Under the Spell of Virtual Influencers + Coronavirus Scams Latest

Survey shows many don’t know virtual influencers are fakes: Internet Scambusters #911 A new breed of online characters is being developed to persuade us to buy stuff we may not need. Virtual influencers, computer-generated images, are so realistic that a survey showed that many people didn’t realize they were fakes, as we explain in this […]

How to Beat “Zoombombers” — The New Breed of Video Hijackers

“Zoombombing” hackers threaten video meetings’ security: Internet Scambusters #910 “Zoombombing” is a new crime spawned by hackers bent on disrupting video conferences that firms and families are trying to use during Coronavirus restrictions. The video conferencing service Zoom gives the crime its name, but other similar services could also be under threat, as we explain […]

Stalkerware Sees and Hears Everything on Your Phone + Coronavirus Latest

Thousands may unknowingly have stalkerware on their phones: Internet Scambusters #909 Cyberstalking involves many ways of monitoring victims online, but stalkerware specifically watches your smartphone activities. It can see and hear everything you do, and it knows where you are, as we explain in this week’s issue. Plus, we also have the latest coronavirus scam […]

Coronavirus PPE Warning + Bar Code Swap, Lottery and Giveaway Scams

Snippets issue highlights bar code swap scam, new lottery, and trust fund tricks — plus latest Coronavirus update: Internet Scambusters #908 Most current consumer frauds center on the Coronavirus, but not all — code swap scammers, for example, While we worry about going grocery shopping, they could be inside your local supermarket tampering with gift […]

Personal Cloud Disk Drives Face Ransomware Risk + Latest Coronavirus Scams

5 steps to defend against personal cloud hack attacks : Internet Scambusters #907 Not all clouds are in the sky. When it comes to computing, you may have a cloud in your home — and it’s under threat. And scam threats based on the Coronavirus outbreak also continue to challenge consumers. We have the latest […]

Coronavirus Scammers Target Work-at-Home Job Seekers

Follow these steps to avoid a Covid-19 work-at-home scam: Internet Scambusters #906 Work-at-home jobs could be the future for many people in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown. But they’re also the source of a new batch of scams. In this week’s issue we cover all the main actions you can take to avoid home-job-related […]

Social Security Recipients Targeted in Latest Coronavirus Scam + Return of Check Washing

7 actions you can take to avoid check washing crooks, plus latest Covid-19 scam news: Internet Scambusters #905 New Coronavirus scams are appearing virtually every day, and the latest one is targeting people who get Social Security payments. Meanwhile, an old favorite scam is back on the crime scene — check washing. We’ll give you […]

Are Blue Light Lenses a Scam? + Fake Coronavirus Test Kits

No evidence that blue light damages the eyes despite lens shop claims: Internet Scambusters #904 This week we’re continuing our coronavirus scams spotlight with a warning about fake test kits. And we’re taking a close-up look at lenses that filter out blue light. Do they work? And if so, do they help? As we report, […]

Fake Identities Threat to Business + Coronavirus Scams Update

Latest reports on coronavirus and business scams: Internet Scambusters #903 This week, we’re launching a new feature spotlighting the latest coronavirus scams. Because these con tricks are running way ahead of any other scams at the moment, we’ll kick off this issue with our report. But we’ve still got our regular Scambusters news spot this […]