Fake Identities Threat to Business + Coronavirus Scams Update

Latest reports on coronavirus and business scams: Internet Scambusters #903 This week, we’re launching a new feature spotlighting the latest coronavirus scams. Because these con tricks are running way ahead of any other scams at the moment, we’ll kick off this issue with our report. But we’ve still got our regular Scambusters news spot this […]

How to Check a Business Reputation + Coronavirus Update

Easy steps that can help you discover a firm’s reputation: Internet Scambusters #902 If you make a business or buying decision based on a firm’s reputation, it better be right. But how do you discover whether you can count on them, especially when some firms actually pay to have their reputation “polished” online? We’ll give […]

Coronavirus Scams Surge As Crooks Exploit Our Fears

Switch to work-from-home and consumer worries drive latest coronavirus scams: Internet Scambusters #901 Coronavirus scams on an unprecedented scale are piling on the misery for worried consumers and businesses. Just a couple of weeks after our first warning about virus-related tricks, scammers have rolled out a whole new set of con tricks targeting those who […]

Why Fake News is a Bigger Threat Than Ever

Let your first fake news rule be “trust no one”: Internet Scambusters #900 Think you’re wised up to fake news? Guess again. Now, artificial intelligence is being used to create mayhem not just in the written word but, more worryingly, in audios and videos that are so convincing even experts can’t spot the deception. In […]

Coronavirus Cure Claims are Just Scams

5 steps to avoid coronavirus cure scams and other pandemic con tricks: Internet Scambusters #899 If you recently read about a coronavirus cure, we hope you didn’t act on it. Because there isn’t one — so far at least. Nor do you necessarily need to buy and wear a mask or invest in companies that […]

Steganography: Hiding in Plain Sight — The Threat You’ve Never Heard Of

How hiding a malicious file inside an innocent one makes steganography a big danger: Internet Scambusters #898 Don’t let the word “stenography” make you think the term has nothing to do with you. Maybe it does. Yes, it’s computer-speak, but what it does is simple. It’s a seemingly innocent payload that controls malware that’s already […]

How Your Car Stickers Can Land You in Trouble

Car stickers can play a role in identity theft: Internet Scambusters #897 Car stickers seem innocent enough, don’t they? But they may not be, if they give others information about you or your kids. We’ll tell you why in this week’s issue, along with news of a resurgence in another car painting scam. Let’s get […]

Find Out if You’re a Tax Identity Theft Victim

How to avoid or respond to tax identity theft: Internet Scambusters #896 The IRS and the US Federal Trade Commission have declared war on tax identity theft scammers. But it’s an ongoing battle and you could still fall victim to this crime. In this week’s issue, we explain how to protect your tax identity and […]

7 Steps to Avoid the Subscription Trap

What to do when you can’t cancel a subscription: Internet Scambusters #895 If you haven’t fallen victim to an online subscription scam, you’re either lucky or you know how to steer clear of the crooks behind them. In this week’s issue, we’ll tell you how a member of the Scambusters team was caught out and […]

“Critical” Windows Update Message is a Fake

Windows update message installs ransomware on victims’ PCs: Internet Scambusters #894 Microsoft never sends out email notifications of a Windows update so, if you get one, you can be sure it’s a fake. So is a certain type of text notification of an upcoming package delivery. We’ll explain both of these scams in this week’s […]