Cryptocurrency Users and Investors Face New Wave of Scams

Cryptocurrency scams now cost $1 billion a year: Internet Scambusters #878 Cryptocurrency — virtual cash you can use but never see — is increasingly common both as a payment method and investment vehicle. But it’s also fraught with a growing number of scam risks costing more than a billion dollars a year, as we report […]

Two-Factor Security Check Is Not Enough — This is What You Need

Simple phishing trick could help crooks crack two-factor authentication: Internet Scambusters #877 Two-factor authentication — the technique of requiring a second security check on your password — may no longer be enough to protect you. A simple phishing trick may be all it takes to con you into giving away this precious sign-on information, as […]

Facebook Gold or Facebook Platinum? No Such Things!

New info on Facebook scams, danger texts, robocalls and podcasts: Internet Scambusters #876 Some scams just won’t die because they’re too easy to use to dupe victims. Facebook Gold is one such trick. It’s been around for years but has popped up again, asking potential victims to cough up $10 for this coveted membership, which […]

Gone Fishing? Not With These Scams!

Fishing and hunting enthusiasts are being targeted by scammers with fake license offers and fraudulent online equipment sales. In this week’s issue, we’ll tell you about the latest scams and what you can do to sidestep them. We also have a list of the five things that should alert you to a romance scam. Let’s […]

How Garden Scammers Reap Their Harvest

Watch out for these fake flower photos and other gardening tricksters: Internet Scambusters #874 Gardening fanatics are always on the lookout for something new or exotic. So, scammers oblige by fooling them with doctored photos and fake product claims. In other cases, phony tree surgeons and landscapers travel door-to-door to trick victims, as we report […]

Colleges and Textbook Publishers Accused of Scamming Students

Are you being forced into paying more for student textbooks?: Internet Scambusters #873 As students are returning to college, some of them could end up paying more than necessary because of a deal between publishers and colleges. Is it a scam or just a shrewd, though dubious, business practice? In this week’s issue, we’ll tell […]

Cell Phone Fraud Soars — Here’s How to Beat It

7 things you can do to defeat the cell phone fraudsters: Internet Scambusters #872 Cell phone fraud is rising fast, but some service providers aren’t well enough prepared to stop it from costing their customers a fortune. However, a few careful steps now could help stop you from falling into the scammers’ clutches. In this […]

Fake News, Videos and More Launch Year of 2020 Election Scams

7 actions you can take to avoid the new election scammers: Internet Scambusters #871 There’s still a year to go, but the Presidential race has already started — and so have the election scammers. They’re using fake news to fool voters and fake websites to steal money. In this week’s issue, we’ll flag up the […]

How a Credit Freeze Can Protect Your Kids Online

How to limit ID theft risks and more for kids online: Internet Scambusters #870 Today’s parents are the first generation that has to worry about protecting their kids online. But there are plenty of laws, regulations, and guidelines to help you safeguard them, as we explain in this week’s issue. Plus, we also have a […]

5 Red Flags That Signal a VPN Scam

How to avoid a VPN scam and find a safe-to-use product: Internet Scambusters #869 Worries about the security of our mobile devices could inadvertently lure us into a VPN scam. VPNs — virtual private networks — are an effective way of protecting devices from hackers and hiding our online activities but only if you use […]