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Check out what people are saying about Internet Scambusters below. And while you’re at it, be sure to take a look at what Forbes, The New York Times, National Public Radio, CNN, and hundreds of other publications have to say on the Press Page. Email Newsletters Worthy of Your Time: “The Net’s often compared to the Wild Wild West. Like that bygone era, there are plenty of charlatans out there. Scambusters keeps you posted on what to watch out for.”

Larry Chase, Web Digest For Marketers

“I just love you guys! I think Scambusters is by far the most useful bit of info on the net. Thanks for keeping us informed!!”

Marthe Arends, Online Pioneers

“With the growth of the Internet, the amount of business opportunities has increased in proportion. With this increase in business, there has also been an increase in opportunists who look to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Today’s Family First Site is one that helps makes consumers aware of some of these scams.
“Called Scambusters, this sites offers a plethora of information about the tricks that crooks are using on the Internet to commit fraud and steal money from users. There are a tremendous amount of topics here, ranging from Lottery scams, area code 809 scams, bank scams, eBay scams, the list goes on. There are areas where you can share your experiences with other visitors, as well a ways to protect yourself against being exploited.
“So stop by today, and have a look around. It will be a wise investment in time, and it won’t cost anything.”

Joel Comm,

“I just read your issue on bulk-email scams, and found it accurate, well written, and hopefully a deterrent to anyone thinking about using such tactics. Sadly, most bulk-emailers don’t care about what they do to us. It’s best to remember that there are people at the end of the pipes… Thanks, ScamBusters, for a great article.”

Eric Ward,The WardGroup NetPOST Internet Press Services Knoxville, TN, 1995 Tenagra Award for Internet Marketing Excellence recipient

“With all the hype and hoopla surrounding the Internet these days, it’s good to have a resource like Internet ScamBusters to help keep things straight.
“As a marketing consultant with a growing Internet clientele, I often run into clients who have heard all kinds of wild stories about the net, or who have been quoted outrageous fees by vendors hoping to make a fast (and big) buck. Internet ScamBusters alerts me to some of the quick-buck cons going on out there, and helps me protect my clients from such scams. Most cons crumble once the spotlight is on them, so keep shedding the light on them for all of us to see. Thanks for the good work — it helps all of us in this business.”

Mike McBride McBride Communications

“I am enjoying ScamBusters very much, and I think your project is really valuable and timely. It really clears the ground for those of us trying to do the right thing in developing this new medium according to sound marketing and ethical business principles.
“Any chance we could get a weekly issue of ScamBusters? There is certainly enough scams to go round!”

Curtis Michelson, President Access Publishing Inc.

“{Keeping you turned on to rip-offs} The White House has been destroyed. Is this true? Ah, I better forward the news on to all my friends and co-workers anyway. WRONG! It’s a lie, and you’re spreading misinformation. How were you to know? Did you subscribe to the ScamBusters eZine? There’s no easier way to stay aware of the latest Internet scams, scandals, and hoaxes. You’d better think three times before hitting that forward button again, pal.”

Chris Pirillo,

“What a great ‘zine! As a business owner whose primary business is on the Net, I have seen many scams and many pretenders-to-the-throne of “Net marketing advisor.” It’s fabulous to see someone who gets through the hype and tells it like it *really* is doing business on the internet today!”

Teresita Dabrieo, CEO Success Partnership Network