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Urban Legends and Hoaxes Resource Center

Check out these popular emails to discover whether they are true — or just urban legends or hoaxes…

Beware of Fake Companies on Google

Bottom Line/Personal interview on fake companies on Google with Dr. Audri Lanford: Internet ScamBusters #601

Why that Great Credit Card Offer Could Be a Scam

10 steps to avoiding a bogus credit card offer: Internet Scambusters #600

5 New Travel Scams

You don’t have to be a vacationer to fall for some travel scams: Internet Scambusters #599

6 Worrying Health Myths

Health myths: Don’t believe everything you read: Internet Scambusters #598

Millions Lost in Latest Romance Scams

Older women now most common romance scam victims: Internet Scambusters #597

When a Robocall is Not (Quite) a Robocall

Quasi robocalls, new distraction trick and anti-virus virus: Internet Scambusters #596

Are You Helping Crooks with Burglary in Mind?

How burglary tricksters get you out of your home: Internet Scambusters #595

VIN Switching: Identity Theft for Autos

Auto dealers and buyers hoodwinked by VIN switching: Internet Scambusters #594

New Phone Scam Offers Easy Payments

Latest phone scams target citation recipients and TV subscribers: Internet Scambusters #593