Gap Gift Certificates

Is the email about free Gap gift certificates true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Gap Gift Certificates

Hi! My name is Janelle McCan, Founder of the Gap. I am offering thirty five dollar gift certificates to every seven people you send this to. When you have finished sending this letter to as many people as you wish, a screen will come up. It will tell you how much you have earned in Gap gift certificates.

Print that screen out and bring it to your local Gap store. The sales clerk will give you your certificates and you can SHOP BABY! This is a sales promotion to get our name out to young people around the world. We believe this project can be a success, but only with your help. Thank you for your support.


Janelle McCan
Founder of Gap

Editors Note: It is technically impossible to track forwarded email, no company does business this way and nothing will pop up on your screen.

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