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Scamlines 32: Grandparent Scams Sweep the Globe

Major police alert as scammers target seniors for rescue cash, and use banking crisis for phishing

Scamlines 31: Scary Scam Stories for Halloween!

Deceased’s names used for ID theft, new rental scams and the sky-high cost of spam

Scamlines 30: Renters Evicted from Foreclosed Homes

Scams from tricksters who find different ways of gaining your trust

Scamlines 29: Americans’ Biggest Online Fears

New report and latest Hurricane Ike scams highlight ID theft threats

Scamlines 28: Russian Spammers Launch New Attack

By email or hurricane, floods spell bad news — plus new ID theft laws detailed

Scamlines 27: Brits’ $6 Billion Scams Suggests $30 Billion loss for US

Report names Top 5 scams, more phishing and malware tricks detailed

Scamlines 26: New Scary Child Kidnapping Spam, Senator’s Mailbox Hijacked and New Warning On Bogus Ticket Sites

A new version of the hitman scam targets parents

Scamlines 25: Bogus (but scary) Hitman Scam Lures Victims

Nigerian scam targets Apple’s cell phone, plus 6 more new scams

Scamlines 24: A “New “Way of Looking at Nigerian Scams

Arrest greedy victims of Nigerian scams says diplomat, but locals suffer too

Scamlines 23: Headlines in the news inspires scams

ID theft, Hotmail phishing and confidence tricks among 9 latest scams