Tracking Email That’s Forwarded

Is the story of Katie Relek and tracking email that’s forwarded true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Tracking Email That’s Forwarded

Hello, my name is Katie Relek, and I live in Alabama. Well, this is an important for you to read, because I really need your cooperation. It is so imporant for you to know about what I want to tell you. Ok, let me start.

Ok, a couple of days ago, my son, he’s 7 years old, his name is Kalin. Well, he was playing on the street, in front of our house, and then from out of no where, this car came out and crashed into him!

I was sooo frightened and angered at the driver, but it ended out to be, that the drivers brakes had been shot, and he wasn’t able to stop. Luckily, my son, was able to avoid death, but he is in very serious condition. Right now, as I speak, he’s in the hospital, but the thing is, he has the serious injury to himself. It’s internal bleeding, and it’s bad to say, but we don’t have any health insurance, and we don’t have enough money to pay for the operation.

So I made a deal with a company, BCC inc. And they told me, for every person that will foward this email, he’ll donate 5 cents To the operation. THIS IS NO JOKE. We attached this type of encoding, that tracked how many times this message was fowarded. SO PLEASE, FOWARD THIS LETTER TO EVERY PERSON ON YOUR LIST. IT WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

Editors Note: It is technically impossible to track forwarded email.

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