Inside Edition: The Special on the Epidemic of Abducted Women

Is the story on Inside Edition about the epidemic on women being abducted from malls true — or is it an urban legend or hoax?

Inside Edition:
The Special on the Epidemic of Abducted Women

Recently on Inside Edition there was an article about several new scams to abduct women. In one, a man comes up to a woman in a Mall or Shopping Center and asks if she likes Pizza. When she says she does, he offers her $100.00 to shoot a commercial for Pizza, but they need to go outside where the lighting is better. When the woman goes out of the mall she is abducted and assaulted.

Another ploy is a very nicely dressed man asks a woman if she would be in a Public Service announcement to discourage drug use. The man explains that they don’t want professional actors or celebrities they want the average mother to do this. Once she leaves the mall she is a victim. The third ploy, and the most successful, a very frantic man comes running in and asks a woman to please help him, his baby is not breathing. She runs out of the mall following him and also becomes a victim.

These have been happening in well lit parking areas, in daylight as well as night time, all over the country. The abductor usually uses a van to abduct the woman. ‘Inside Edition’ set up a test in a Mall and 10 out of 15 women went out of the Mall on the Pizza and the PSA scam. And ALL of them went out of the Mall on baby scam.

Please pass this along to your friends and family as now that it has been shown on nationwide TV there are bound to be copy cats of this. The third one, I think, is the scariest. You might resist pizza or becoming a commercial celebrity… but who would be able to resist a frantic father asking for help for his child? I’m sure that one would get me.

Send this to any woman you know that may need to be reminded that the world we live in has a lot of crazies in it… better safe than sorry….


Editors Note: Not true. Inside Edition did do a special but not because there was an epidemic – but rather to show what is possible.

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