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5 Red Flags That Signal a VPN Scam

How to avoid a VPN scam and find a safe-to-use product: Internet Scambusters #869 Worries about the security of our mobile devices could inadvertently lure us into a VPN scam. VPNs — virtual private networks — are an effective way of protecting devices from hackers and hiding our online activities but only if you use […]

Remote Deposit Fraud Used in Advance Fee Scam

How crooks use remote deposit to pay-in dud checks: Internet Scambusters #868 Using your cell phone to scan and bank checks — remote deposit capture, as it’s called — may be a great consumer convenience, but it’s also a weapon used by scammers. They use the tactic to deposit dud checks into victims’ banks and […]

Caught in a Browser Mousetrap? Here’s How to Escape!

Mousetrapping: The art of capturing and keeping you on a web page: Internet Scambusters #867 Mousetrapping is the term for a rogue Internet programming tactic that stops you from leaving a web page or even from shutting down your browser. It feels like there’s no escape, but there is, as we explain in this week’s […]

How Safe are Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Sign-ons?

Will fingerprints and other biometrics replace passwords?: Internet Scambusters #866 Is security that’s based on your fingerprint or your facial features safer than using a password? Yes and no, say the experts. They likely won’t make it tougher to steal your sign-on and other personal data, but it’ll be harder for crooks to use what […]

Social Security Tricks Hit Top of Scams List

Social Security scams have become an epidemic, government says: Internet Scambusters #865 Pretending to be from the IRS is getting tougher for scammers — so they’ve switched their attention to Social Security. In fact, Social Security impersonations have moved into the top slots among impostor scams. We’ll explain what the crooks are up to in […]

Worries Mount Over Alzheimer’s Cure Claims

Federal agencies issue warnings to firms claiming they can cure Alzheimer’s: Internet Scambusters #864 When someone suffers from an incurable illness like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, it’s understandable that sufferers and their families may clutch at straws to find an effective treatment. But so-called alternative treatments are not only ineffective or, at least, unproven, they can […]

“Cash for Your House” Ads Could Be a Scam

Are “Cash For Your House” ads genuine or a scam?: Internet Scambusters #863 In times of financial difficulty or slow real estate markets, you might be tempted to sell your home urgently in response to one of those “Cash For Your House” ads you see plastered around empty lots, telephone poles and, increasingly, on social […]

Fake Jewelry and Money for Nothing

Scammers pose as disabled drivers to sell fake jewelry: Internet Scambusters #862 Scammers have come up with a novel and convincing way to fool car drivers into buying fake jewelry from them. We’ll explain how the scam works in this week’s Snippets issue, along with a rundown of other scams involving the Do Not Call […]

Latest YouTube Scams Involve Extortion, Phishing Tricks

Whether you post videos or comments, watch out for these YouTube scams: Internet Scambusters #861 YouTube, the world’s leading video sharing site, is a persistent scam target. In the latest tricks, crooks try to extort money by threatening to complain about video posters and channel operators. They also impersonate posters to try to steal information […]

10 Steps to Avoiding a Diamond Scam

US agency warns jewelry firms about deceptive diamond ads: Internet Scambusters #860 There’s nothing wrong with simulated or lab-grown diamonds — as long as you know that’s what they are. But some jewelry marketers have landed in hot water by not making the source of their stones clear. In this week’s issue we’ll explain the […]